Sell Used Old Aastra Phone System


Have you got any used Aastra handsets, Aastra phone systems that :

– are no longer in use?
– come from company liquidation
– come from relocating?
– is from stock clearance?


Sell Used Aastra Phone System

We will pay you best price for your used Aastra phone system.
You can subsidize the cost of any new purchases by selling your old kit!!
Just contact us today to sell used Aastra phone systems in good working condition. You can fill the contact form provided below, or you can leave us your telephone number and we will call you back. We pay for freight.
We buy redundant Telecoms kit; telephone systems, telephone handsets. Here is the list of Aastra System Units that we buy, and all handsets that go with them.



List of Aastra kit that we buy

Aastra Intelligate 300
Aastra 4233
Aastra 4222
Aastra OFFICE 25
Aastra OFFICE 35
Aastra OFFICE 40
Aastra OFFICE 45
Aastra OFFICE 70
Aastra OFFICE 70 IP
Aastra OFFICE 80
Aastra 6730i Series
Aastra 6730i
Aastra 6731i
Aastra 6735i
Aastra 6737i
Aastra 6739i
Aastra 6750i Series
Aastra 6753i
Aastra 6755i
Aastra 6757i
Aastra 9000i Series
Aastra 9143i
Aastra 9480i
Used Aastra IP Phones
Aastra 5300ip Series
Aastra 5361ip
Aastra 5370ip
Aastra 5380ip
Aastra 6770ip Series
Aastra 6773ip
Aastra 6775ip
Aastra 7400ip Series
Aastra 7433ip
Aastra 7434ip
Aastra 7444ip
Aastra 7446ip
Dialog 4400ip Series
Aastra 4420ip
Aastra 4422ip
Aastra 4425ip

Aastra 5300 Series
Aastra 5361
Aastra 5370
Aastra 5380
Aastra 6750 Series
Aastra 6753
Aastra 6755
Aastra 6757
Aastra 6770 Series
Aastra 6771
Aastra 6773
Aastra 6775

You must dispose of electronic equipment correctly or you may be breaking the law! Under Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations (WEEE) you have a duty of care to dispose of old Telecoms and IT apparatus in an appropriate fashion. Even in cases where we are not able to offer money for the equipment, we can help you to do this safely and legally.