Sell Used Old Ericsson Phone System


Have you got any used Ericsson handsets, Ericsson phone systems, Ericsson cards that :

– are no longer in use?
– come from company liquidation
– come from relocating?
– is from stock clearance?

How much money will you gey for your used Ericsson Phone system?

We can provide you with a fast, fair and free quote for your Used Ericsson phone systems, phones, cards, and any other hardware you may be interested in selling. Our experts continually monitor current secondary market values for all Telecoms assets, to ensure that your quote will be fari and accurate. After the quote is agreed we can arrange for a qucik pick up of the unwanted kit, and ensure the immediate payment.

Sell Used Ericsson Phone System

We will pay you best price for your used Ericsson phone system.
You can subsidise the cost of any new purchases by selling your old kit!!
Just contact us today to sell used Ericsson phone systems. You can fill the contact form provided at the bottom of the page, or you can leave us your telephone number and we will call you back. We pay for freight.
We buy redundant Telecoms kit; telephone systems, telephone handsets. Below is the list of Ericsson System Kit that we will buy



List of Ericsson kit that we buy

Ericsson DBC220 01/02001 Dialog 4220 Lite,
Ericsson DBC222 01/02001 Dialog 4222 Office
Ericsson DBC223 01/02001 Dialog 4223 Professional
Ericsson DBC224 01/02021 Dialog 4224 Operator
Ericsson DBC225 01/02001 Dialog 4225 Vision
Ericsson DBC425 01/02001 Dialog 4425 IP Vison V1
Ericsson DBC147 01/01001 Dialog 4147 Medium/Hotel
Ericsson DBC220 01/01001 Dialog 4220 Lite
Ericsson DBC223 01/01001 Dialog 4223 Professional
Ericsson DBC224 01/01001 Dialog 4224 Operator
Ericsson DBC225 01/01001 Dialog 4225 Vision
Ericsson DBC422 01/01001 Dialog 4422 IP Office
Ericsson DBC425 01/01001 Dialog 4425 IP Vision V1
Ericsson DBC425 02/01001 Dialog 4425 IP Vision V2
Ericsson DBC413 01/01001 Dialog 3413 IP
Ericsson DBC202 01/02001 Dialog 3202
Ericsson DBC210 01/02001 Dialog 3210
Ericsson DBC211 01/02001 Dialog 3211
Ericsson DBC212 01/02001 Dialog 3212
Ericsson DBC213 01/02021& /02001 Dialog 3213
Ericsson DBC203 01/01001 Dialog 3203
Ericsson DBC214 01/01021 Dialog 3214
Ericsson ROABS1190001/1 BP128i CAB
Ericsson ROA1195135/1 R1A PUB7
Ericsson ROF1575124/3 R1A & R1C CPU-D5C
Ericsson ROF1575124/2 CPU-D5
Ericsson ROF1575124/1 CPU-D4
Ericsson KDUBS13007/1 R1A FECU (for CPU-D4)
Ericsson ROF1575118/2 CPU-D2 R4B
Ericsson ROF1575126/3 R2A VMU-HD
Ericsson ROF1575131/1 R1H/A IC-CU2
Ericsson ROF1575133/1 R4B IPU
Ericsson ROF1575132/1 R4A MFU
Ericsson ROF1575132/1 R4B MFU
Ericsson ROF1575132/1 R4C MFU
Ericsson ROF1575132/1 R3B MFU
Ericsson ROF1575110/1 BTU-A
Ericsson ROF1575112/1 BTU-D
Ericsson ROF1575121/4 R4C BTU-B2
Ericsson ROF1575114/1 ELU-A (16)
Ericsson ROF1575114/3 R3C ELU-A (8)
Ericsson ROF1575116/1 ELU-D
Ericsson ROF1575130/1 ELU-D3 (32)
Ericsson ROF1575130/2 R2B ELU-D3 (16)
Ericsson ROF1575130/3 R2G ELU-D3 (8)
Ericsson LZY 203 2234/3 R1B EPROMS
Ericsson LZY BS203 5124/2 R1A EPROMS for CPU D5
Ericsson NCD901 12/7 R1A Splitter ETSI REM
Ericsson NCD901 12/4 R1A Splitter ISDN REM
Ericsson BFB101002/1 PSU
Ericsson BFB101001/1 POU5V
Ericsson ROF1314246/7 GJUL4
Ericsson ROF1375393/1 R8A GJUL4
Ericsson ROF1375393/11-R1A GJUL4
Ericsson ROF1314247/1 GJUG4
Ericsson ROF1314247/4 R2A GJUG4
Ericsson ROF1314247/4 R3B GJUG4
Ericsson ROF1375389/2 R4A GJUG5
Ericsson ROF131757/1 GCU
Ericsson BGB95010/100 CLM
Ericsson BGB95104/1
Ericsson BMG906-01/2 BFU2
Ericsson BMG664103/1 Rectifier Unit
Ericsson BMG661212 Shelf
Ericsson BMG661210 Shelf
Ericsson BML351041/1 PE2143
Ericsson BML351011/2 PSU
Ericsson BML351048 PSU75
Ericsson BMLBS10101/1 PSU
Ericsson BML211001/3 R2C PSU
Ericsson BML231002/1 R1D PSU
Ericsson BMP604 009/1 PSU
Ericsson BMT24348/15 FERRO RECT
Ericsson BMXG 10904 FARNELL
Ericsson ROF1370605/1 LARMS
Ericsson ROF1370965/1 POWER CONTROL 48V
Ericsson ROF1376303/1-R1B DC/DC
Ericsson ROF131697/3A POU Power
Ericsson ROF131697/1A POU Power
Ericsson BFD76117/1 LBP20 MAG
Ericsson BFD76107/1 LBP16 MAG
Ericsson BFD76108/1 LBP17 MAG
Ericsson BFD76102/1 GBP10 MAG
Ericsson BFD76140/1-R1C LBP22 Subrack
Ericsson ROF1521014/2 R2A Mobility Server with CPU
Ericsson ROF1375411/1 R4A AAU1
Ericsson ROF1375411/1 R5A AAU1
Ericsson ROF1375411/2-R5A AAU2
Ericsson ROF131835/2 R3A ALU1
Ericsson ROF1375373/1 R1A ALU2
Ericsson ROF1314234/1 R1A CCU
Ericsson ROF1314234/2 R1A CCU
Ericsson ROF131832/2 CDU1
Ericsson ROF131866/2 R8A BTU1
Ericsson ROF1314414/1 R12B DSU
Ericsson ROF1314414/3 R2A DSU
Ericsson ROF1314414/3 R7A DSU
Ericsson ROF1314414/4 R7A DSU
Ericsson ROF1314414/4 R8B DSU
Ericsson ROF1314414/4 R8A DSU
Ericsson ROF1314414/4 R10C DSU
Ericsson ROF1314414/14-R2A DSU
Ericsson ROF1975228/1 EMU
Ericsson ROF1375391/1 R6A EPU1
Ericsson BFD50913/1-R1D Fan Unit
Ericsson ROF131831/2 R7C FTU
Ericsson ROF1375415/1 R2B FTU2
Ericsson ROF1314246/1 GJUL4
Ericsson ROF1314246/2 GJUL4
Ericsson ROF1314246/5 GJUL4
Ericsson ROF1314493/1 R6A GCU2
Ericsson ROF1314493/2 R2A GCU2
Ericsson ROF1375394/1 R2A GPU
Ericsson ROF131674/1 R2A GRU
Ericsson ROF1375390/1 R5A GSU
Ericsson ROF131681/2 R8B GSU1
Ericsson ROF1314231/1 R2A GSU3
Ericsson KDY20803/2 R1 HDU2
Ericsson KDY20803/3 R1 HDU3
Ericsson KDY20803/4 R1A HDU3
Ericsson ROF1375395/1 R1A HDU5
Ericsson ROF1375481/1 R2A HDU6
Ericsson ROF1314602/3 R11C LPU5
Ericsson ROF1314602/3 R12C LPU5
Ericsson ROF1314608/4 R4A LPU6
Ericsson ROF1314413/3 R2A LSU
Ericsson ROF1314413/4 R2A LSU
Ericsson ROF1314413/4 R6A LSU
Ericsson ROF1314413/4 R7A LSU
Ericsson ROF1314413/1 R16B LSU
Ericsson ROF1314413/5 LSU
Ericsson ROF1314413/5 R2B LSU
Ericsson ROF1375481/1 R3B HDU6
Ericsson ROF1375398/1 R1C HDU7
Ericsson ROF1375398/2 R1B HDU7
Ericsson ROF1375398/2 R1D HDU7
Ericsson ROF1375398/2 R1F HDU7
Ericsson ROF1375325/1 R1A HI
Ericsson ROF1314421/2 R1A ICU
Ericsson ROF1314421/2 R2A/A ICU
Ericsson ROF1314421/2 R3a/A ICU
Ericsson ROF1375397/1 R4A ICU2
Ericsson ROF1314507/1 R7A IPU
Ericsson ROF1314507/1 R15A IPU
Ericsson ROF1314507/1 R16B IPU
Ericsson ROF1314507/1 R16C IPU
Ericsson ROF1375067/2-R1A IPLU
Ericsson ROF1377845/1 R1B JTC
Ericsson ROF1314233/1 R1C LFU2
Ericsson ROF1314233/1 R1B LFU2
Ericsson ROF1314233/2 R1A LFU2
Ericsson ROF1310020/2 R1A LFU7
Ericsson ROF1375315/1 R1A LFU8
Ericsson ROF2375319/1 R2A LFU9
Ericsson ROF1375323/1 R1A LFU11
Ericsson ROF1375323/2 LFU13
Ericsson ROF1375341/1 R1A LFU14
Ericsson ROF131991/1 LLO
Ericsson ROF1314267/1A R2B LLO
Ericsson ROA1194275/2 LOG2
Ericsson ROA1194275/2-R1A LOG2
Ericsson ROF1314505/1 LPU4
Ericsson ROF1314602/3 R7B LPU5
Ericsson ROF1314602/3 R7C LPU5
Ericsson ROF1314602/3 R8 LPU5
Ericsson ROF1314602/3 R8B LPU5
Ericsson ROF1314602/3 R8C LPU5
Ericsson ROF1314602/3 R9C LPU5

Ericsson ROF1314413/6-R1A LSU
Ericsson ROF1376302/11 LSU-E
Ericsson ROF1314461/1 R2C MEU5
Ericsson ROFR1370017/1 R3C MODEM
Ericsson ROFR1370017/1 R3D MODEM
Ericsson ROF1373006/1 R1A MDU
Ericsson ROF1375348/1 R3B MFU
Ericsson ROF131829/2 R10A MPU
Ericsson ROF131829/2 R10B MPU
Ericsson ROF131951/2 R3A MRU1
Ericsson ROF131952/2 R1A MRU2
Ericsson ROF131948/2 R9A MSU
Ericsson ROF1375396/1 R3A NIU
Ericsson ROF1375396/2 NIU2
Ericsson ROF1375396/2-R3A NIU2
Ericsson ROF1314431/1 R1A NPU
Ericsson ROF1314235/2 R1A PFU
Ericsson ROF1375247/1 PFU2
Ericsson ROF1375247/2 R1A PFU2
Ericsson ROF1375247/2 R1B PFU2
Ericsson ROFP137324/1 R1A PFU4
Ericsson ROFP137324/2 R1B PFU4
Ericsson BFB101001/1 R5J + R5E POU5V
Ericsson ROF1375320/1 R3C PU4DC
Ericsson ROF1375320/1 R5B PU4DC
Ericsson ROF1375350/1 R1B PU5DC
Ericsson ROF1375350/1 R2B PU5DC
Ericsson ROF131708/2A REU
Ericsson ROF131708/2A R3C REU
Ericsson ROF131708/4A REU
Ericsson ROF131708/4A R3C REU
Ericsson ROF1375350/2 R1B/A RG5DC
Ericsson ROF1375350/2 R2A RG5DC
Ericsson ROF1375350/2 R1B RG5DC
Ericsson ROF1375350/2 R1D RG5DC
Ericsson ROF1375350/2 R3C RG5DC
Ericsson ROF1375350/2 R3D RG5DC
Ericsson ROF1375350/2 R3E RG5DC
Ericsson ROF1375311/1 R5B SLU1
Ericsson ROF1375215/2 R1B SIU
Ericsson ROF1375416/1 R3A SPU2
Ericsson ROF1375416/1 R4A SPU2
Ericsson ROF1375416/1 R5A SPU2
Ericsson ROF1375416/1 R6A SPU2
Ericsson ROF1375416/1 R7A SPU2
Ericsson ROF1375430/1 R2A SPU4
Ericsson ROF1314293/1 R1C SSU-2
Ericsson ROF1375314/2 R2A TSU
Ericsson ROF1375335/1 R6A TMU
Ericsson ROF1375335/2 R1A TMU
Ericsson ROF1375335/2 R2A TMU
Ericsson ROF1375335/2 R3A TMU
Ericsson ROF1375335/2 R3D TMU
Ericsson ROF1375335/12-R1A TMU
Ericsson ROF1314309/2 R3A TRU3
Ericsson ROF1314309/2 R3B TRU3
Ericsson ROF1375238/5 R2A TSU-T
Ericsson ROF1375360/3 R4A VSU2
Ericsson ZGK 205003/5 FBOX V24
Ericsson ROF131833/1 R5A ELU5
Ericsson ROF1375216/1 R5A ELU11
Ericsson ROF1375216/4 ELU11
Ericsson ROF1375244/4 R1A ELU21
Ericsson ROF1375245/1 R4A ELU22
Ericsson ROF1375245/1 R5A ELU22
Ericsson ROF1375306/1 R5A ELU25
Ericsson ROF1375306/2 R2A ELU25
Ericsson ROF1375306/2 R3A ELU25
Ericsson ROF1375306/3 R5A ELU25
Ericsson ROF1375321/2 ELU26
Ericsson ROF1375334/2 R5A ELU28
Ericsson ROF1375334/3 ELU28
Ericsson ROF1375334/3 R3A ELU28
Ericsson ROF1375334/3 R1B ELU28
Ericsson ROF1375334/3 R3B ELU28
Ericsson ROF1375339/1 ELU29
Ericsson ROF1375339/3 R8B ELU29
Ericsson ROF1375339/11 ELU29
Ericsson ROF1375339/11 R10J ELU29
Ericsson ROF1375339/12 R3B or C ELU29
Ericsson ROF1375339/12 R6C ELU29
Ericsson ROF1375339/12 R6E ELU29
Ericsson ROF1375339/12 R7F ELU29
Ericsson ROF1375339/12 R8C ELU29
Ericsson ROF1375339/17 R1A ELU29
Ericsson ROF1375412/1 ELU31 (16DSP)
Ericsson ROF1375412/2 ELU31 (32DSP)
Ericsson ROF1375428/1 R2A ELU32
Ericsson ROF1375062/1-R2B ELU33
Ericsson ROF1375064/1-R1B ELU34
Ericsson ROF1375090/1 TLU17
Ericsson ROF1375202/1 TLU22
Ericsson ROF131954/4 TLU20
Ericsson ROF131954/4 R1A TLU20
Ericsson ROF131954/5 TLU20
Ericsson ROF1375098/1 R6B TLU23
Ericsson ROF1375224/1 R6A &R7A TLU35
Ericsson ROF1375233/1 R4C TLU43
Ericsson ROF1375243/2 TLU44
Ericsson ROF1375240/3 R2A TLU50
Ericsson ROF1375240/3 R1A TLU50
Ericsson ROFR1370027/1 R3B TLU71
Ericsson ROF1375330/1 R3A TLU74
Ericsson ROF1375336/1 TLU75
Ericsson ROF1375338/1 TLU76/1
Ericsson ROF1375338/2 TLU76/2
Ericsson ROF1375338/3 TLU76/3
Ericsson ROF1375338/11 R1B TLU76/11
Ericsson ROF1375349/1 R5A TLU79
Ericsson ROF1375349/1 R5B TLU79
Ericsson ROF1375349/1 R6A/1 TLU79
Ericsson ROF1375349/1 R6C TLU79
Ericsson ROF1375349/1 R7D TLU79
Ericsson ROF1375349/1 R10E TLU79
Ericsson ROF1375349/1-R10F TLU79
Ericsson ROF1375349/11-R1B TLU79
Ericsson ROF1375406/1 R5A TLU80
Ericsson ROF1375406/1 R10B TLU80
Ericsson ROF1375418/3 R1B TLU82

You must dispose of electronic equipment correctly or you may be breaking the law! Under Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations (WEEE) you have a duty of care to dispose of old Telecoms and IT apparatus in an appropriate fashion. Even in cases where we are not able to offer money for the equipment, we can help you to do this safely and legally.


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