Sell Used Office Phones

Have you got any Used Office Phones that you want to sell? We can offer you a very good price for your used office phones. We buy from and supply to countries all around the world. We are one of UK’s and Europe’s leading trader in used telephony equipment. Extensive knowledge of the products and marketplace means that we are able to give accurate, informed and swift quotations every time.

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Simply fill out the form on this website, email us at or call us on 0333 222 636 to find our out what your old equipment is worth

Sell Used Office Phones Manufacturers

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Here is the list  of Used Office Phone Systems manufacturers you can sell to us:

You can Sell Used Avaya Office Phones

You can Sell Used Mitel Office Phones

You can Sell Used Panasonic Office Phones

You can Sell Used Nortel Office Phones

You can Sell Used Shoretel Office Phones

You can Sell Used Siemens Office Phones

You can Sell Used Cisco Office Phones

You can Sell Used NEC Office Phones

You can Sell Used Samsung Office Phones

We can provide you with a fast, fair and free quote for your Used Office phone systems, phones, cards, and any other hardware you may be interested in selling. Our experts continually monitor current secondary market values for all Telecom’s assets, to ensure that your quote will be fair and accurate. After the quote is agreed we can arrange for a quick pick up of the unwanted kit, and ensure immediate payment. We can collect UK & Worldwide and absorb Shipping costs.The list of Office Phones that we buy back is extensive.

Sell Office Phones – List of what you can sell

Sell your Office IP Telephones

Sell your Office Analogue Phones

Sell your Office Digital Telephones

Sell your Office VoIP Telephones

Sell your Office Conference Phones

Sell Office Phones – List of Telecom that we boy back

We Buy Back Phone Systems

We Buy Back Voicemail Systems

We Buy Back Routers

We Buy Back Switches

We Buy Back Dect Base Stations

We Buy Back Dect Repeaters

We Buy Back Digital Stations

We Buy Back System Card Boards

We Buy Back IT Equipment