Sell Used Old BT Versatility V8 Phone


Have you got any BT Versatility V8 Handsets that :
bt versatility v8

– are no longer in use?
– come from company liquidation
– come from relocating?
– is from stock clearance?

How much money will you gey for your used BT Versatility V8 Phones ?

We can provide you with a fast, fair and free quote for your used, old BT Versatility V8 Phones. Our experts continually monitor current secondary market values for all Telecoms assets, to ensure that your quote will be fari and accurate. After the quote is agreed we can arrange for a qucik pick up of the unwanted kit, and ensure the immediate payment.

Sell Used BT Versatility V8 Handsets

We will pay you best price for your used BT Versatility V8 Handsets .
You can subsidise the cost of any new purchases by selling your old kit!!
Just contact us today to sell used BT Versatility V8 Phones. You can fill the contact form provided at the bottom of the page, or you can leave us your telephone number and we will call you back. We pay for freight.
We also buy redundant Telecoms kit; telephone systems, telephone handsets.

You must dispose of electronic equipment correctly or you may be breaking the law! Under Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations (WEEE) you have a duty of care to dispose of old Telecoms and IT apparatus in an appropriate fashion. Even in cases where we are not able to offer money for the equipment, we can help you to do this safely and legally.

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