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Have you got any used Samsung handsets, Samsung phone systems, Samsung system cards, samsung dect handsets that :

sell used samsung phone system– are no longer in use?
– come from company liquidation?
– come from relocating?
– is from stock clearance? 

How much money will you get for your used Samsung Phone system?

We can provide you with a fast, fair and free quote for your Used Samsung phone systems, phones, cards, and any other hardware you may be interested in selling. Our experts continually monitor current secondary market values for all Telecoms assets, to ensure that your quote will be fair and accurate. After the quote is agreed we can arrange for a quick pick up of the unwanted kit, and ensure immediate payment. We can collect UK & Worldwide and absorb Shipping costs
You must dispose of electronic equipment correctly or you may be breaking the law! Under Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations (WEEE) you have a duty of care to dispose of old Telecoms and IT apparatus in an appropriate fashion. Even in cases where we are not able to offer money for the equipment, we can help you to do this safely and legally.

Sell Old Samsung Phone System

We will pay you the best price for your used Samsung phone system.
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Just contact us today to sell used Samsung phone systems. You can fill the contact form provided at the bottom of the page, or you can leave us your telephone number and we will call you back. We pay for the shipping. FOR LARGER QUANTITY OF ITEMS WE CAN ARRANGE PICK UP FROM ANYWHERE IN EUROPE – PLEASE CONTACT FOR QUOTE. We buy redundant Telecoms kit, telephone systems, telephone handsets. Below is the list of Samsung System Kit that we will buy.

List of Samsung kit that we buy

sell used samsung

sell used samsung

19332 Samsung 16dli2, Samsung Officeserv 16 Port Digital Extension Module
19331 Samsung 16mwsli, 16 Port Sli Analogue Extension Card
19905 Samsung 2bm, 7030 2brm 4 Channel Basic Rate Module
19808 Samsung 2brm4, 4 Channel Basic Rate Module
19901 Samsung 2dm, 7030 2dlm 2 Circuit Digital Extension Module
19320 Samsung 4bri, 8 Channel Isdn2 Card
12932 Samsung 4bri, Compact Ii 4 Bri Trunk Card 4 X Isdn2e
19804 Samsung 4dlm, Digital Extension Module
19902 Samsung 4dm, 7030 4dlm 4 Circuit Digital Extension Module
19903 Samsung 4slm, 7030 4slm 4 Circuit Analogue Extension Module
19906 Samsung 4tm, 7030 4trm 4 Circuit Analogue Trunk Module
19806 Samsung 4trm, 4 Analog Trunk Card
19333 Samsung 8combo, 8 Digital 8 Analogue Extension Module
19336 Samsung 8combo2, 8 Digital 8 Analogue Extension Module
12825 Samsung 8dli, Compact Ii 8 Dli Digital Station Card
12824 Samsung 8sli, Compact Ii 8 Circuit Sli Card
19307 Samsung 8trk, Analogue Trunk Module Card
19337 Samsung 8trk2, 8 Port Analogue Trunk Module
13840 Samsung D-5000, Dect Phone
12821 Samsung Dcs 12821 Expansion Cabinet
17220 Samsung Dcs 816, Telephone System
12820 Samsung Dcs Compact 2, Telephone System
12439e Samsung Dcs Dpim Doorphone Interface Module
12439 Samsung Dcs Dpim Doorphone Interface Module
12438 Samsung Dcs Serial Interface Module (Sim)
17250 Samsung Dcs-408, Telephone System
17252 Samsung Dcs-408i, Telephone System
13812 Samsung Dect Base Station Rfp4
12904 Samsung Ds-2100b, Standard Keyphone
18840 Samsung Ds-5007s 7 Button Keyphone
18834 Samsung Ds-5014d, 14 Button Display Telephone
18841 Samsung Ds-5014s 14 Button Keyphone
18833 Samsung Ds-5021d, 21 Button Display Telephone
18832 Samsung Ds-5038s, 38 Button Display Telephone
18806 Samsung Ds-5064b, Add On Module
19907 Samsung Epm, 7030 Epm Expansion Module
12801 Samsung Euro Slt-E Enhanced Telephone
17157 Samsung Idcs 8sli Analogue Extension Card
17880 Samsung Idcs100, Telephone System
17800 Samsung Idcs100, Telephone System
18750 Samsung Itp-5107s, Ip Handset
18753 Samsung Itp-5112l, Ip Handset
18751 Samsung Itp-5114d, Ip Handset
12806 Samsung Kp40d-Bws2, Kp40d Dect Base Station
17572 Samsung Kp500dblp2, Idcs Officeserv 500 Lcp2 Local Control Processo
17570 Samsung Kp500dbmp2, Samsung Os500 (Mcp2) Main Control Processor Card
17501 Samsung Kp500dbmpm, Idcs Officeserv 500 Mcp2 Main Control Processor
17525 Samsung Kp500dbop1
17153 Samsung Kp70d-Brg2, Ring Generator
12451 Samsung Kpdcs-12b Lcd, 12 Button Display Handset
12449 Samsung Kpdcs-24b Lcd, 24 Button Display Handset
12448 Samsung Kpdcs-6b Lcd, 6 Button Display Handset
12454 Samsung Kpdcs-Aom, 48 Button Dss Console
12437 Samsung Kpdcs-Sli Daughter Board
19302 Samsung Lcp, Local Control Processor Card
19603 Samsung Lp40, Local Processor Card
19350 Samsung Mcp, Main Processor Card
19301 Samsung Mcp, Processor Card
19303 Samsung Mgi, Module Card
19305 Samsung Mgi2, Mgi2 Daughter Board
19313 Samsung Mis, Music On Hold Card
Misc Card Samsung Miscellaneous System Card
19801 Samsung Mp10, Main Processor Card
19820e Samsung Mp10a, Main Processor Card
19920 Samsung Mp10a, Main Processor Card
19355e Samsung Mp20, Main Processor Card
19380 Samsung Mp20s, Main Processor Card
16420e Samsung Officeserv 12, Telephone System
16410 Samsung Officeserv 12, Telephone System
17500 Samsung Officeserv 500, Telephone System
19900 Samsung Officeserv 7030, Phone System
19800e Samsung Officeserv 7100, Telephone System
19800 Samsung Officeserv 7100, Telephone System
19345e Samsung Officeserv 7200, Telephone System
19345 Samsung Officeserv 7200, Telephone System
19321 Samsung Officeserv 7200/7100 Blanking Plate
19600e Samsung Officeserv 7400, Telephone System
18735 Samsung Power Adaptor For Itp-5107d/21d Psu
12421 Samsung Prostar Dcs (Kp40d-Mb/Uka Expansion Cabinet
Sdn-520 Samsung Sdn-520 Day/Night Camera
15320 Samsung Smt-I5210 14 Button Ip Handset
Smt-P2110 Samsung Smt-P2110, Analogue Handsfree Telephone
17620 Samsung Svm-400, Voicemail System
13163 Samsung Svm-800, Voicemail System
17646 Samsung Svmi 4db, Voice Processing Card
19500 Samsung Svmi-20e, Voice Messaging Module
19326 Samsung Tepria, Isdn30 Line Card
19803 Samsung Uni Module
17660 Samsung Vpm, Voice Processing Module
17661 Samsung Vpm2, Voice Processing Module


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