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For businesses throughout the UK and Europe undergoing upgrades to their thermal barcode label printers, we are here to ensure that you can safely dispose of your old printing hardware and get paid for it at the same time! 

At Sell Phone System, we want to buy your thermal printers and business Printing Equipment. Whether your business is in the process of updating its thermal printing technology or simply looking to declutter and streamline operations, our team of experts can give you a fair price for your old printing kit, and we’ll even collect it from you free of charge.

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Sell Used Thermal Printers And POS Kit Of Any Brand

We want to give you the best price possible for your old kit, no matter the brand. Our team will quote you on all major and minor brands for each type of portable POS equipment and other thermal printing technologies. 

We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction, environmental responsibility, and providing value to businesses like yours. No matter the brand, Sell your spare Thermal Printers and Printing Equipment to Sell Phone System to get the best possible price.

Brands of Office Printers That We Buy

Disposing Of Old Thermal Printers and Collection Terminals

Our goal at Sell Phone System is to ensure that every Scanner, Printer, Phone and piece of IT equipment sold to us is handled responsibly, ensuring that we minimise environmental impact and continue to support circular economy principles.

Most equipment sold to us will go through our rigerous refurbishment process to restore its functionality and improve its appearance. If, in the rare case where we cannot purchase your old office tech, we can recycle it for you

 All you need to do is fill out the contact form provided, or you can call our team today.

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    What to expect when you sell to us

    Secure payments

    We are one of the UKs leading purchasers of IT, telecoms and retail hardware technology and can make payments through a number of methods such as BACS, PayPal, Bank Transfer and more.

    Stress-free Collection

    We can arrange for our own courier to come and pick up the equipment free of charge (depending on the value and size of the equipment). Not to mention we can also arrange European collection for larger quantities.

    Eco-friendly solutions

    It is crucial that electronic sales equipment is disposed of correctly. Under Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations (WEEE), we all have a duty of care to dispose of old office tech in an appropriate fashion. In rare cases where we are not able to offer money for the printing equipment, we can help you to do this safely and legally.

    Quick Competitive pricing

    The Sell Phone System team can provide you with a quick, free quote for your used Office Printers, Copiers and any other office hardware. Our team of technology experts are endlessly monitoring current secondary market values for office hardware and IT assets which ensures that your quote will be competitive and accurate.

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