About Sell Phone System

Established in 1999, sellphonesystem.co.uk is now the UK’s leading Marketplace for Used Telephony Equipment.

Our Global Network of Sales & Purchasing channels allows us to offer you the very best pricing for your old telephone systems, handsets and associated equipment.

With facilities in the UK, mainland Europe and the USA, our extensive knowledge of the products and wider market means that we are able to give accurate, informed and timely quotations every time.

About Our Service

The service is designed to be Simple, Clear and Swift. So if you are looking to maximise the return from obsolete or surplus kit while complying with environmental legislation on waste disposal, then get in touch.

We also provide a Nationwide Service of System Maintenance, New / De / Re-installation and Programming through our Team of accredited Engineers – with 24/7/365 availability – and can advise on a replacement system and all associated services.

Lastly, we are passionate about the Environment and are extremely proud to run a business that allows us to reduce landfill and the draw on increasingly precious natural resources.

Best wishes,

The Team


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