Collection & Delivery


Delivery of your telecoms equipment

  • Once we have agreed a sale, please arrange for a courier (with parcel tracking/signature on delivery)
  • As we will have to sign for the delivery, there will always be a proof of receipt.
  • We will confirm receipt within 24 hours of your parcel(s) delivery

Collection of your telecoms equipment

  • We can arrange for our own courier to come and pick up the equipment.
  • Ordinarily there will be a charge for this which we will agree with you in advance.
  • However, dependant on the value of the equipment, we can arrange this free-of-charge.

VERY IMPORTANT!  In order to ensure that your equipment arrives to us in good condition, please pack them safely and securely.

A few simple rules to follow are:

  • Always use double or triple walled boxes. Single wall boxes are not strong enough. Remember the courier may not care about your equipment as much as we do.
  • Once the equipment has been packaged up, please ensure that nothing ‘rattles around’ in the box. If something moves then it is liable to break in transit.
  • You must use packing materials to avoid equipment rubbing against each other and potentially reducing value.
  • For further guidance on this please call: 0333 222 6636

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