Telephone Line Rental & Calls Charges

Make the seamless and hassle-free switch to our service and start saving money on your business phone costs. We offer Line Rentals and other fixed line services over the BT Network but at a significant discount to BT Retail and other Carriers. We also carry calls with a range of Top Tier Providers offering you flexibility and resilience.

Phone Lines & Call Rates

Telephone Lines & CallsIn order to demonstrate savings, we will analyse your existing bill and provide a full, clear comparison – showing reductions in call charges and line rentals, and eliminating any other costs that are unnecessary or unfair.

From a management perspective, we also have equal access to the back-end system of BT Openreach for installation schedules, availability and fault reporting. This allows us to respond quickly and add our own more dedicated customer-update facility so that you remain informed of progress at a frequency that suits you.


  • Significant savings against other Voice Carriers
  • Simple, seamless transfer of services to Clarion
  • Single Point of contact for all Phone-related enquiries
  • Voice & Data integration for resilience and further savings
  • One bill for all services – sent to you or accessible online
  • Maintain your existing Phone Numbers
  • Dedicated Customer Services – with update schedule to suit you

SIP Trunks

buy hosted phone systemSIP Trunks offer you a flexible, scalable, low cost alternative to traditional ISDN / Analogue phone services, using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to connect your new phone system through the Public Telephone Network via your data line.

Where you do not have suitable infrastructure in place, we can spec up and provide an appropriate data line and/or phone system to connect with your SIP trunks.

SIP Trunks are ideal for companies that are…

  • Looking to save money on Telephone Lines & Call Rates.
  • Moving offices and want to keep their telephone number.
  • Wanting resilient telephony alternatives to ISDN lines.
  • Need direct control and speedy scalability for busy periods and swift deployment.

Huge Phone Bill Savings

  • Eliminate in-company telephone call costs between sites
  • Eliminate UK landline and Mobile call charges (term-dependant)
  • Massive reductions on per channel charges compared with Analogue / ISDN

Saving Money


  • Substantial savings on Phone Lines & Call Rates
  • Take control – Add or remove lines swiftly, as and when you require
  • Take your phone numbers with you wherever you go – no longer be tied to a geographical location
  • Increase communications resilience with alternative call routing to ISDN/Analogue
  • Business Continuity – Pre-plan for emergencies with rapid call rerouting to alternative phone numbers
  • Seamless integration with all major Phone System PBX Brands
  • Our SIP Trunks interoperate with Microsoft Lync / Skype for Business and other hosted telecoms platform
  • The future – BT are phasing out ISDN – get ahead of the game!

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