Our Frequently Asked Questions

Collection / Delivery

Yes. We have a UK courier network ready to come in and pick up your equipment. Ordinarily there will be a charge for this which we will agree with you in advance. However, dependent on the value of the equipment we may be able to arrange this free-of-charge. It is critical that you pack the telephone equipment with secure cushioning and allowing no movement within a strong.

Please call us now on 0333 222 6636 and we will help you with this.

A few simple rules to follow are:

  • Always use double or triple walled boxes. Single wall boxes are not strong enough. Remember that busy couriers expect your equipment to be well wrapped.
  • Once the equipment has been packaged up, please ensure that nothing ‘rattles around’ in the box. If something moves then it is liable to break in transit.
  • You must use internal packing materials to avoid equipment rubbing against each other and potentially reducing value.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that we receive all equipment in good condition.
  • For further guidance on packing you kit this please call: 0333 222 6636

Once we have agreed a sale, please arrange for a courier who can track the parcel and requires a signature on delivery. It is critical that you pack the telephone equipment with secure cushioning and allowing no movement within the box, to ensure nothing breaks. We will also confirm receipt upon arrival.

Please call us now on 0333 222 6636 so you can understand more about how to send us your telephone system.

As we will have to sign for the delivery there will always be a proof of delivery. We will let you know within 24 hours that your parcel/s has been received.

Please call us on 0333 222 6636 and we will let you know if we have received it.

Yes, we are able to de-install your telecoms equipment. In many instances we will not charge for de-installation work. All de-installation work is carried out by highly skilled and professionally trained engineers.

Value / Payment

Occasionally old kit is worthless, but most has decent and sometimes huge hidden sale value.

What we can guarantee is that due to our extensive international trading network, we will be able to provide you with the maximum ££ return for your used equipment.

Simply fill out the form, call us on 0333 222 6636 or email sell@sellphonesytem.co.uk to find out what your unwanted kit could make you.

It will take a matter of days for you to receive your payment. Once we have received your equipment and confirmed the valuation, payment will be issued the same day. We will let you know If it is going to take it any longer.
– We will then transfer the money into your bank account. It may clear on the same day but can take up to 3 days.

Please call us on 0333 222 6636 so you can understand more about how long will it take to receive the payment.

We are experts in our Industry and understand the current and potential market value of almost any used telephone system, phones and associated equipment. As such we are able to provide an accurate valuation of the equipment based on the spec that you send to us. One we receive your telephony equipment, we will confirm its configuration and provide a precise valuation. Please call us now on 0333 222 6636 so you can understand more about how we value your kit.

A lot of the old office phones can be recycled for future use. Equally where they contain potentially hazardous material, they need to be disposed of appropriately.

Any equipment that you pass on to us that is not re-manufactured, is safely turned into high-grade, recycled commodities for future reuse.

Yes, we do. Please take a look at our page on Buying Phone Systems.

Please call us on 0333 222 6636 so we can tell you more about what type of phone systems we sell.

Our most common ways of paying you are:

payment methods

Identifying Your Phone Line Type

Usually, the easiest way how to tell what type of phone lines you currently have is to check your telephone bill under ‘line rental section’. It should indicate what type of lines you are paying for currently.

How to Identify Types of Phone Line Sockets

If you do not have this information available, the easiest way to find out is to look for an ISDN T/A (modem). If you have a telephone plugged in and it works, follow the wire from the phone to the wall. If there is NO device between the phone and the wall then you have an analogue line.

How do I know if I have Analogue Phone Lines?

If you follow your wire from the phone to the wall, if you see a socket looking like on the picture below, you will know that it is analogue phone line.

analouge phone socket

How do I know if I have ISDN2 Phone Lines?

The easiest way to check it is by opening your system cabinet and looking for a box resembling the picture below. It will have ISDN2e sign on it.

How do I know if I have ISDN30 Phone Lines?

ISDN30 comes in variety of boxes, the most common BT branded looking similar to the below:

How do I know what type of phone lines I have ISDN30